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About Mhaian Kulfi

Mhaian Kulfi, a product of Daily-Fresh Ice Creams was founded by Sakthivel D. It was established in April 2012. It is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Mhaian (Maya) means magical. We attempt to bring back the magic and joy of slurping on mouth-watering kulfis fortified with good quality ingredients.

We have a wide array of flavours to choose from. We now sell approximately 25 flavours in all. One of our originals is the Coconut Kulfi which is served in a coconut shell. We also have seasonal variants like Strawberry Kulfi. In the recent past, in response to requests from our dealers, we have ventured into making chocolates.




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Why Choose Us ?


We adhere to high quality standards with respect to the ingredients that go into making our products. All are ingredients are sourced with care.


We maintain hygiene right from sourcing our ingredients, to preparing, to dispatching our finished products to the market. We acknowledge our responsibility towards the society.


To ensure that the freshness and flavours of our products remain intact till it reaches our consumers, we dispatch our products to the market on the day immediately after packing.