Kulfi's are in vogue and a means of great quench value. There have been a notable number of kulfi outlets opened in the city and glad to see one more being placed close to my office campus which should be a strong hit with the mass of company folks working round the corner. It is located in MGR Salai and kind of opposite to the popular Gaurav Vada Pav joint.

The place is pretty small but they have done their best within the space allocated. A few cane stools are spread across generously and you also have a chess board and a dart game as add ons. All their Kulfi's are exported from their factory at Puzhal and a significant feature to note is that they are made out of natural fruit pulp not containing any preservatives. You get to feel the essence of the fruit as you gobble them up piece by piece. They also have a lot of exotic flavours in store. I tried the rose gulkhand which was really good. It felt a little sticky and that's because gulkhand is a mixture of honey and rose and the former component makes it feel a little chunky. The cake kulfi was marvellous with a layer of vanilla cake in the bottom with kulfi occupying the top tier containing nuts and this one felt so nice in the mouth. Also had a shot at Lichchi kulfi and you could literally feel the sense of smell of the fruit in it. They have plenty more options such as orange, pista, guava etc and even radical one's such as bubblegum kulfi.

They have both the round circular form as well as the stick based one's. They are pretty cooperative to provide you as to how you require them. The prices are very reasonable with most of it being priced at 50 bucks except for the cake kulfi which is a tad bit expensive at 80 rupees. The rates are a big USP as similar kulfis at other places cost much higher in price. Mhaian has been in the market in an indirect way supplying to events, parties, hotels etc. This is their first stand alone venture exclusively for kulfis in the city with an outlet of their own. I'll certainly be coming here more often to have a crack at their other creations and will also recommend people to give it a try. Lovely flavours, sweet taste and immensely refreshing.

Rajiv Shankar

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Visited this place yesterday with some friends. They have a wide range of flavors and varieties. I tried the cake kulfi which is a combo of cake and kulfi and it was so yummy and unique! All their fruit flavored kulfis are so exotic with real fruit chunks. The prices are very reasonable. Definitely worth the quality and quantity!! A must visit for all kulfi lovers.

Aishwarya Murali

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>One of the best Kulfi shops in the city...!! Loads of varieties to choose and best offers too.>!! Good Job Mhaian, your tastes are good..!!

Suganthan Raju

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The kulfis here are amazing and rich in taste. They have a wide variety. The guava kulfi was mind blowing and a must try here. They even add a little chilli powder to the kulfi to give you the typical taste. Roasted almond had strong flavours. They have matka kulfi, banana, gulkand, chikoo/sapodilla, mango, lychee etc and even sugar free kulfi. The flavors are exactly like the fruit. You will get the perfect kulfi taste of the flavor. The tatse, ambiance and service is great.

Linz Abraham

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